Tepperman’s Summer Catalogue

Tepperman’s, the family-owned and operated full-line regional furniture chain based here, has published the Summer Home edition of its catalogue, which in addition to focusing on their expanded assortment of outdoor furniture also introduces its first-ever private label mattress assortment while launching Easy Pay, a longer term, low monthly payment plan with no administration fee.

“Our new catalogue features everything you need to create an inviting home this summer,” third generation president Andrew Tepperman said in a statement. “The catalogue will spark inspiration; it is meant to help you find high-quality home furnishings at affordable prices and it allows you to dream big while staying on budget with a payment plan that fits your needs. We’ve launched Easy Pay because we are committed to giving our customers financial flexibility during these challenging economic times.”

In an interview with Home Goods Online, Tepperman noted this is the eighth edition of the catalogue that is distributed to customers across southwestern Ontario – from Windsor to Hamilton. The print run for the summer issue wasn’t as big – 200,000 copies, down from 300,000 – as that for the anniversary edition of the catalogue published this past March. He also pointed out it gets a fair amount of traction online as some 60,000 copies of the March issue were downloaded from Tepperman’s website.

The 24-page catalogue performs an important role in Tepperman’s current marketing efforts.

“Being a summer catalogue, the first few pages highlight the outdoor category,” Andrew Tepperman explains, adding. “Knowing we’re in an economic cycle where we need to earn the consumer’s business, our buyers put our best foot forward with product, pricing and style.

“We also tried to de-commoditize the products – whether the customer is looking for an appliance package, accent chair, or bedroom, she will experience fashion and style rather than just item and price,” he continued. “Lastly, we dedicated a page to our Outlet at Tepperman’s. With interest rates impacting the disposable income of consumers, many will be looking for even greater values.”

Customers seeking to get approved for credit can just scan a QR code in the catalogue to complete an application while another QR code enables them to book a free 30-minute virtual consultation with Tepperman’s team of expert interior home decorators. The highly rated service helps customers discover products that reflect their personal style, fit their budget and work in their space.

The catalogue also serves as the platform for Tepperman’s to launch its own mattress collection, including two bed-in-a-box lines: Relax Copper, a memory foam mattress infused with anti-microbial and odor-preventing copper gel; and EcoSleep, which is made in Canada using sustainable materials like recycled water bottles and soy-based bio foam.

Tepperman says the catalogue has produced several positives. “We measure the length of time a consumer browses our web site during a visit,” he explained. “Those who click on the digital catalogue spend more time on the web site. The catalogue is not meant to drive e-commerce sales. We want to inspire them and drive them into our stores where they’ll be exposed to a greater selection.

“The catalogue also allows our buyers and the marketing team to showcase Tepperman’s in a different light than our typical flyers or letters,” he continued. “They come across as more fashion-forward and on trend.”

He also noted that over the past four years, Tepperman’s has upgraded and renovated five of its six locations – only the London store is left for a makeover.

“The catalogue’s goal is to drive existing and new customers into our stores,” he said. “Once they’re in-store, our merchandising and decorator teams ensure the store experience replicates the catalogue experience. The last thing we want is to look better in the catalogues and then disappoint in-store.”

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