A Conversation with Eric Buchfink of Mattress Mattress

In the latest episode of One-on-One, HGO publisher Michael Knell, chats with Eric Buchfink, founder and chief executive officer of Mattress Mattress. In many ways, this video podcast is a follow-up to the profile published in the summer edition of the HGO Merchandiser.

In a wide-ranging exchange, Buchfink details what sets Mattress Mattress (MM) apart from its competitors — it’s a combination of how they operate the business, how they manage relationships with their employees and how they interact with the customer. Everything they do is designed to improve efficiencies and, ultimately, make money.

Click here to view Michael’s conversation with Eric Buchfink.

In chatting with Buchfink, it becomes obvious almost immediately here is a man who thinks about his business and who has surrounded himself with a more than capable senior management team which includes his sister, Lori Fecho, her son Matt (who, by the way, was HGO’s first National Retail Salesperson of the Year in 2017) and his son, Eric. Lori — who originally drafted the retailer’s well-known Beducation program — is MM’s vice president of human resources and Eric’s right hand. Matt is vice president of sales and marketing while Eric is vice president of operations and the company’s import division.

He also tells us a little about how he got into the business — his career before founding Mattress Mattress in 1994 and his hopes for its future. He discovered he wasn’t cut out for his original career ambition to find success in Calgary’s real estate market before settling down as a senior executive for the now-defunct Campbell’s Home Furnishings, which in the 1980s was a major player in Alberta’s furniture market.

Buchfink has a lot to share and this episode of One-on-One may prove to be one of the best we have ever broadcast. I hope you enjoy it.

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