Miele Rolls Out New Products in Canada

Home appliance manufacturer Miele has launched new appliances in Canada for the kitchen.

The KM 7000 series frameless induction cooktop builds on the success of the framed models introduced in late 2022. The new series offers a modern, seamless countertop integration and the versatility of both flush and surface-mounted installations.

All models are equipped with SmartSelect controls that feature new yellow indicators for a premium look and individual back-lit number strings for each heating element, allowing for precise and quick heat adjustments. The PowerFlex heating elements now sport minimalistic graphics, aligning with Miele’s European aesthetic standards.

KM 7000 series frameless induction cooktop from Miele.

Other innovative features include a recall function that complements the existing Stop and Go function, allowing users to save and revert to their previous settings within 10 seconds, enhancing convenience during cooking. Sensor controls can be temporarily locked for 20 seconds, enabling users to clean the cooktop surface without altering the settings. The integrated WiFi module allows for seamless communication with the Miele app and Con@ctivity-enabled ventilation hoods, providing a smart kitchen experience.

The KM 7000 series is comprised of six models — three in the framed and three in the frameless — that are available in four sizes: 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch and 42-inch.

In addition to the new cooktops, Miele has introduced the redesigned G 7000 dishwasher lineup, which includes improved baskets, WiFi connectivity, reduced noise levels and an automatic detergent dispensing system. It has also introduced the G 5000 series of pocket handle dishwashers. These new models offer a sleek, handle-free aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into modern kitchens.

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