Ikea Unveils New Edition of Nytillverkad

With increasing interest for iconic Ikea products, the furniture and home furnishings retailer has rolled out a new edition of its Nytillverkad collection.

The launch brings back designs from the ‘60s and early ‘70s, reimagined in new colours and materials to fit the needs of today’s homes. It takes inspiration from when youth culture, pop music and political protests were shaping the world. At that time, Ikea introduced new materials like painted particleboard and plastic to create furniture with a youthful expression. Bold shapes, optimistic colours, comfortable seating and soft high pile rugs characterized the furnishing style of the period.

The third edition of the collection, in stores this January, showcases pieces originally by Karin Mobring, the first woman to become an Ikea designer in 1964, and Gillis Lundgren, the fourth employee to join the now-furniture giant in 1953.

Mobring was regarded as one of Ikea’s most productive and trendsetting designers. Rooted in classic, rural Scandinavian style, she was also very versatile, developing approximately 100 products. The Cromi side table, one of her iconic pieces, is relaunched in the new Nytillverkad collection as Baggboda side table with a white or light-yellow tabletop and chrome-plated frame.

Lundgren was a visionary designer who worked closely with Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad in steering the company to where it is today. He helped develop the Ikea logotype, illustrated catalogue covers and photographed products, in addition to working as a furniture designer. One of his iconic pieces was the Mila armchair, now reimagined as the Dyvlinge swivel armchair. The spacious Puck armchair from 1969 is also making a comeback, named as Sotenäs.

Contemporary Swedish designers Sven Fristedt and Ehlén Johansson also played a key role in shaping the collection. Some of the eye-catching patterns designed by Fristedt in the ‘60s and ‘70s have made a comeback on Streckfly cushion covers and Ängsfibbla pre-cut fabric. Johansson, one of Sweden’s most prominent designers and winner of the Red Dot Design Award, designed the Skogstundra vase, a sleek and subtle piece with a high neck to support cut flowers.

The Nytillverkad collection, which features furniture, bedding and accessories, was created in celebration of the company’s 80th anniversary. Ikea rolled out the first two editions in July and October 2023, respectively. More launches are planned over the next few years.

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