Cozey Launches Sofa-Bed Line

The creator of Canada’s first sofa-in-a-box option, Cozey, has launched its latest line, Neptune, which smoothly transitions from sofa assembly to full sleeper.

The Neptune features two distinct modules: sleeper units and non-sleeper units, including a storage seat module, corner seat module, sleeper seat module and storage ottoman. The modules provide an extensive library of sizes and configurations, from one-seater sleep options to 12-piece sectional arrangements, so customers can customize the Neptune to meet their preferences and needs.

Like all Cozey products, the Neptune is easy to assemble and reconfigure, and ships quickly. It also includes fully integrated smart storage space.

The Neptune is available in four colours: Slate, Fog, Leaf and Latte.

It can be purchased online in Canada and the U.S. or at Cozey’s first-ever brick-and-mortar store in Toronto.

Pricing ranges from $870 for one module to $4,600 for sectional options.

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