Amax Holding Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Calgary

Amax Holding Ltd. has added to its family of brands with the opening of a new plant, Aurora Furniture Manufacturing, in Calgary.

Located within the walls of a previous home furnishings factory, the 128,000-square-foot facility includes an attached 2,400-square-foot showroom.

Aurora is already currently working on nine stationary upholstery groups covered in full top grain leather, as part of phase one of production. Shipments to local furniture dealers commenced in the first quarter of 2024.

There are plans to introduce another nine designs by year’s end.

In the second phase of production, Aurora will unveil six motion groups and recliners, available in September.

During the first quarter of 2025, an additional six motion designs will be released to the Canadian market.

“We are thrilled to introduce Aurora to the world,” says Amax Holding president Bob Tan. “With our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are confident that Aurora will set a new standard of excellence in luxury furniture manufacturing.”

The Bella collection by Aurora Furniture Manufacturing blends classic and contemporary styles. Noteworthy features include double-sloped track arms, accentuated by a sewn-in cushion silhouette on the inside.

At present, 30 employees work at the factory. This number will rise to 150 next year, says Aurora operations manager Ivan Baker.

The factory’s annual production compacity is pegged at 1,200 containers.

Baker says Calgary was selected as the factory’s preferred site due to its large population.

Calgary saw the highest population growth rate among Canada’s largest cities in 2022 and 2023, according to Statistics Canada.

“Also, the cost of living there is reasonable, and it’s a growing area with growing industries (and) a sufficient workforce,” he adds.

Aurora joins upholstery resource Amax Leather Inc. under the Amax Holding umbrella.

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